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Marco1My name is Marco, and I was born in early 2011. When I was about five months old, I was taken to a veterinarian because I could hardly walk. I was diagnosed with a shoulder disorder that required surgery, as well as horrible hip dysplasia in both of my hips. My family couldn't afford to give me the treatments I needed, so they gave me to Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR), who arranged for my shoulder surgery. My foster mom, Karen, officially adopted me a few weeks later.

I started getting acupuncture and laser therapy from Dr. Tharp to help my shoulders heal after the surgery and to help reduce the pain and inflammation in my hips. Marco Laser txI also get swimming therapy twice a month to improve my strength and increase the range of motion in my shoulders and hips. My shoulders feel just fine now, and my hips have improved tremendously. I can even stand up on my hind legs to greet people, although my mom doesn't want me to do that. I go for daily walks and have a good time playing with my 2 canine brothers, Wilson and Murphy. I take some nutritional supplements to help keep my joints healthy, but I don't need to take any pain medications at all. Thanks to Dr. Tharp, I feel like a new dog!  

Dr. Tharp made a significant difference in the quality of our border collie, Ladybug's, life.  Ladybug (in the middle) is pictured here with our other two dogs.  We adopted Ladybug when she was thought to be around 5-years-old.  She had been terribly neglected and abused during her first years of life.  It took us a while to get Ladybug to settle into life with our kids and our other dogs.  Over time, Ladybug became very affectionate with both adults and kids.  She also came to enjoy playing with our other dogs.  However, she always demonstrated fairly high levels of nervousness and separation anxiety.  When we moved to a new home with a yard that Amos, Ladybug & Daisybacked to a greenbelt, Ladybug's nervousness and anxiety reached concerning levels.  She was running in circles to the point of injuring herself, and she began to display aggression toward other dogs.  Thankfully, we met Dr. Tharp during this time.  She began doing acupuncture with Ladybug at our home - which was priceless!  Dr. Tharp targeted points for anxiety and aggression.  The results were simply amazing!!  It only took a couple of sessions to see noticeable improvements in Ladybug's demeanor.  She was calmer and happier than we had ever seen her!  She came to love Dr. Tharp's visits to the house.  Ladybug would greet Dr. Tharp at the door and run right to her snuggle sofa where she'd get therapy.  As Ladybug aged, the combination of laser therapy with acupuncture helped to alleviate joint pain.  Through all the ups and downs of life, Dr. Tharp was always there with wonderfully diverse and effective treatment options to try, and she always delivered treatments with great care and compassion.  We will never be able to thank Dr. Tharp enough for helping our Ladybug live a healthier and happier life!

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